About Wanda Group

About Wanda Group

The Wanda Group consists of Friends who, in their respective capacities, share the same ideals, values and aspirations and we seek to create a synergy in all that we engage in, albeit in ministry, the arts or creative upliftment.  We are lovers of life in all its facets and firmly believe that everyone has a right to fulfillment. 

We believe in the importance of legacy and passing it forward.  Adults, teenagers and children alike deserve to know they are loved and regarded for who they are.  Acquired skills, gifts and experiences need to be shared with society in ways that benefit all, regardless of differences.  Saying that we want to make a difference, only finds meaning in the active engagement in the lives of those who are much in need of changing their circumstances for the better. 

We don’t think and decide for them, we simply inspire them by sharing our individual skills, gifts and experiences.  As the quote says, “Be the change you want to see in others”. With this as motivation, we believe in sustainable change and encourage creative thinking and ideas, resulting in individuals taking ownership.  The Wanda Group is not a business, organization or project.  It is a platform for all who share the same heart to influence the lives of those who need change.

C- We CHALLENGE the new situation. Face it, don’t run from it!
H- We speak HOPE into the future on the grounds of God who says: ”He holds the universe in the palm of His hand!”   
A- We alter our ATTITUDES by repeatedly choosing to do so.
N- We transform every NEGATIVE into a positive and surrounding ourselves with those who make this their lifestyle.
G- We set specific GOALS, visualize it, dream it, think it, live it and reach it.
E- We put ENERGY into it with ENTHUSIASM and contagious EXCITEMENT 

Living a Spirit-filled life will transform you daily, in SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY and direct you towards God’s purpose for your life.  Focusing on your purpose and not your needs, healing and not your hurts, victory and not your mistakes.  It will bring beauty into your life if you choose daily to adapt to CHANGE with the God-given potential within you. 

“The greatest discovery of every generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind”
- Always be content with what you have but never with what you are -